Small Dog Training

Small Dog Training

Small dog training will have different challenges based on the individual dog. Some people claim small dogs are harder to train than bigger dogs, while others believe small dogs to be easier to train. The truth is that all dogs require training regardless of the size, but there are general challenges and perks that go along with small dog training.  Small dog training will have different challenges based on the individual dog.   The challenges of small dog training begins

Puppy Training Problems

Puppy House Training Problems

Puppy house training problems is an issue all new dog owners face and, if not dealt with properly, can lead people to re-homing their pets. Rather than have this happen to you, it is a good idea to be educated on how to house train a puppy and what problems to be aware of when it comes to adding a new puppy to the family. Puppy house training problems is an issue all new dog owners face.   Before bringing

training an older dog

Training An Older Dog

Training an older dog has its challenges and perks. You will find they are much more pronounced thantraining a younger dog.  In other words, there are definite obstacles that you will encounter training an older dog. When it comes to training an older dog there can be certain challenges associated with it.   A dog will be a dog – so long as they are able to act like a dog. What this means is if you allow a puppy

punishing your dog

Are you Punishing Your Dog for Good Behavior?

Have been mistakenly punishing your dog for good behavior? Although you may not have done this intentionally, there is a large possibility that you have punished your dog for what your dog thought was good behavior. A great example would be when your dog runs away from you.  You call them and chase them and when your dog finally comes to you, you scold them and tell them how bad they are. In your mind you are yelling at them

what is negative reinforcement

What is Negative Reinforcement?

What is negative reinforcement?  Simply put, there are two of training techniques you can use; positive reinforcement and negative reinforcement. Negative reinforcement is when you use punishment in response to an unfavorable behavior.  Positive reinforcement is when you use praise or a type of positive feedback in response to a favorable behavior. Of course you can use a healthy mix of both types when it comes to raising a human child, but when it comes to a dog, they learn

do choke chains work

Do Choke Collars Work?

Do choke collars work?  The simple answer is NO.  But the real question is, “Why?” Using a choke collar may seem harmless enough, especially with a large breed dog, but it is only a very short-term solution and does not help your dog learn anything.  In the long run, your dog will learn to resent and fear you instead of respecting you. What this means for you is that your dog will act out by chewing, peeing and pooping in

do at table

Home Dog Training: How to Effectively Train Your Dog at Home

This is the final part of our four part series on home dog training and this final portion will help you understand how to be effective with training your dog at home. Everyone knows that home dog training can become tedious and frustrating. However, it is important to remain calm to ensure your training goes well. In terms of training a dog, there is one thing you always need to remember, and that is that consistency is key. If you

angry dog

Home Dog Training: When Home Dog Training is a Bad Idea

Welcome back to part three of our four part series on home dog training. Part three of the series will focus on when home dog training is a bad idea. Since training your dog at home always sounds like a good idea, this article will switch things up a bit and focus on when a dog is too much to train at home. In other words, some dogs are so out-of-control that it is in everyone’s best interest to bring


Home Dog Training: Pros and Cons of Training Your Dog at Home

Here we are for part two of the four part series on home dog training. This part of the series will focus on the pros and cons of home dog training. There are certainly many reasons to train your new dog at home, however like anything else there are also cons with at home dog training. Cons of Home Dog Training In comparison to the many pros of home dog training, this section will first explain the few cons of


Home Dog Training: Items Needed to Train Your Dog at Home

When it comes to home dog training there are some things you need to know. To present you with this information we will provide a four part series which will cover pretty much everything you need to know about home dog training. The first part of the series will cover the necessities required for training your dog at home. In order to successfully train your dog at home, you will need to invest in a few supplies such as a